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The DysphoriaSeries is a study of sources of dysphoria distorting the human body; mentally and physically. There will be different scenarios drawing on my personal experiences relating with dysphoria and dissociation.The effects will be expressed through various experiments using openFrameworks. The project is meant to draw metaphors between computer algorithm and psychological development.


Dysphoria is a general dissatisfaction of life. The project attempts to piece together why and how these experiences may arise. Being a displaced first generation American, person of color, queer and transgender, I do not fit into many structures which the hegemonies the States supports. As I learn more through my education in college, America is built on ideal which originate from colonization. Although there is always progress and change in the United States, the underlying systems have yet to be deconstructed.

I feel that expressing the way I feel is most effective through an interactive platform, where integer values can also be manipulated mechanically in relation to external systematic pressures on the body.

This project was made for my senior art project for the Visual Arts Interdisciplinary Digital Arts and Media program. 


  • For a fresh start at any time, press ‘8’

  • If screen is blank try clicking

  • If program is unresponsive press ‘esc’ and rerun program

Process website: http://dysphoricseries.tumblr.com/

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Published 37 days ago
Tagsart, interactive-narrative

Install instructions

A simple unzipping of the file and opening the .exe will  make the program run. Ignore any messages on debug window, they are intended. 


Dysphoria Series.zip 40 MB

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